We spoke to UoM Student Support about how to ace exam season

“We’re all in this together” – Troy Bolton

With exam season looming, and free time dwindling The Tab spoke to Lydia, one of the Graduate Interns from Student Support and Advice to put together a short list of tips to get through the dreaded exam season with the least amount of drama as possible.

Forget beauty sleep

Getting 6-8 hours a night is essential to set you up for a productive day and process the information learnt that day.

Hydration is key

Your skinny vanilla latte might be part of your morning trip to Starbucks but not only is water free, it will have longer lasting positive effects on hydration, concentration and alertness.


Caffeine isn’t your best friend 

Similarly, Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, it gives you a headache, accompanied with a strong dose of pre exam jitters, swiftly followed by a caffeine crash.

Make time for yourself

“I just don’t have time for this right now,” is most people’s go to motto during exams. Turns out you do if you plan your time wisely, so whether that’s meeting up with your friend or reading a good book, schedule in time for doing things you enjoy as well as studying.


Switch up your study space

As exciting as queuing up for the library opening at 8am really is, it is not your only option, the Atrium in University Place has comfy seating, is open 9-5 and is a great space to study in.

Bring lunch with you for a long haul library sesh

During exam time the library café is a hub of anxiety, sleep deprivation and meal deals, bring your own lunch and take a stress relieving walk around campus whilst saving yourself a few pounds.


Move that bod

Endorphins are real and they do make you feel great. Sport’s de-stress programme has loads of free sports for you to try during May. From yoga to swimming, whatever your skill, you’re welcome.

Put down your phone

Give social media a break, all those memes, snaps, tags and Tweets can wait, I promise your productivity will increase.

Organisation is key

Running around your house in the morning before your exam trying to locate a working pen isn’t ideal, get your pens, calculator and student ID card ready the night before and think about packing a jumper if you have an exam in a large hall as it can get cold.


Student Support is always there to help

Finally, if it’s all getting too much, take a break, breathe and remember exams will come to an end soon. If you want to talk to someone who’s been there not so long ago, you can always go and see Student Support on the first floor of University Place in the Atrium.