You can get half price Gin in Deansgate for a whole week

St George’s day already brought free beers to any George’s out there but now there is English Gin for everyone

#EnglishGinWeek, it is a thing and honestly it is the best news we have had during this deadline season.

Starting on the 21st of April all English Gins will be half price at the Atlas Bar, in celebration of St George’s day on Sunday.

At the Atlas Bar off Deansgate Locks it is always Gin’o’clock with a Gin Bible that has the most wonderful and “instagrammable” gin cocktails Manchester has to boast. With a beautiful outdoor area, and the warmth of English Gins in the afternoon sun this bar will be absolutely booming.

The last day is the Dissertation Deadline…

Your English Gins will consist of Beefeater London Dry Gin, Masons Yorkshire Gin, Warner Edwards, Plymouth Gin, Liverpool Gin and many more, all of which will be half price for a whole week.

We will see you there.