Manchester named as one of top UK universities becoming ‘no-go zone’ for Jewish students

Baroness Deech today claimed that top universities such as the University of Manchester are unwelcoming to Jews

The University of Manchester was today mentioned by Baroness Deech as one of the top UK universities which have become a ‘no-go zone’ for Jewish students.

The first ever higher education adjudicator said that institutions may be failing to combat hatred against Jews, as they may be “afraid of offending” their potential benefactors from Gulf states. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Bareness Deech said there are increasing levels of hostility towards Israel at top institutions which borders on antisemitism.

The comments were made in light of a number of incidents at universities where Jewish students were verbally abused or physically attacked. Baroness Deech claimed that amongst Jewish students there is “gradually a feeling that there are certain universities you should avoid”.

Speaking of the University of Manchester, she claimed she thought the university was “now not so popular because of things that have happened there”. The university has seemingly fallen out of favour with Jewish students in recent years due to its student union adopting motions including endorsing the boycott, divest and sanction against Israel, received by Jewish students as hostile.

The university has not commented on the claims, but others such as Exeter and Southampton have denied that Jews feel unwelcome.

Baroness Deech claimed that top universities are failing to combat antisemitic attitudes, as many as “chasing large donations from Gulf states, and maybe they are frightened of offending them”. She continued to say that she could not understand why the universities were not acting, saying “it really is a bad situation”.