Your guide to Christmas drinking games

Your Christmas pre drinks is nothing without this list

It’s December and officially not too early to talk about Christmas. You’re all going out on the 16th December, an event has been made on Facebook, everyone is hoping this night out will be the big one, it is the last night out of first term. Don’t be the cotton-headed ninny muggins that forgets to look up some Christmas themed games, everyone wants to love Christmas. So here’s a list of tried and tested by the Tab games so that you don’t look like a total Scrooge this year.

All I Want for Christmas is… 
This is a fun twist on truth or dare, where person A must sing “All I Want for Christmas is … [insert dare here]”. If the group don’t think the dare was sung with enough Mariah enthusiasm, person A must do the dare instead.

They're happy and Christmassy, it will make you happy and Christmassy

They’re happy and Christmassy, it will make you happy and Christmassy.

The Muppets Christmas Carol Drinking Game.
Charles Dickens and The Muppets, if that doesn’t scream Christmas I don’t know what does! So get Netflix up, watch ‘A Muppets Christmas Carol’ and drink every time…

  1. Gonzo quotes Dickens
  2. Someone says “Merry Christmas” or “Bah Humbug”
  3. A bell chimes
  4. Rizzo asks a questions
  5. Kermits mouth does the awkward scrunchy thing
  6. A muppet runs frantically across the screen
  7. Pepe the Prawn appears
  8. A ghost rocks up
  9. Statler and Waldorf crack a joke
  10. Throughout the chorus of every song

Christmas Lyrics 

It’s super simple if everyone knows some Christmas songs. Someone starts off with the first lyric of a song “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart” then the next person would carry on “The very next day, you gave it away” and so on. If someone messes up a lyric everyone drinks and that person has to down their drink. Then pick up again with a new song.

The Elf Drinking Game
Watch Elf, a) because it’s beautiful, b) it’s funny and c) the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Also Drink every time

  1. Anyone mentions Christmas Spirit
  2. People sing
  3. Santa is mentioned
  4. Anyone eats sweets
  5. Buddy eats something he shouldn’t
  6. The Naughty or Nice list is mentioned
  7. You notice product placement
  8. Buddy tells someone he loves them
  9. You see a Candy Cane
  10. Mr Narwhal wishes Buddy luck
Buddy, everyone's favourite Elf, now drink!

Buddy, everyone’s favourite Elf, now drink he’s eating.

The Twelve Shots of Christmas
Line up twelve shots, and have another drink ready. Find someone who knows all twelve days of Christmas or just play the song. Every time a new day is mentioned have a shot, then every time a gift is mentioned drink from your second drink.

The Love Actually Drinking Game 

Cry because you love it and even though Harry is awful to Karen, he’s still Alan Rickman and that still hurts. So drink. Also drink when all of the following happen,

  1. Anyone says Piss, Wank, Bloody, Bugger, Bollocks and Arsehole
  2. You hear the wonderful “Christmas is all around us”
  3. Rowan Atkinson helps someone out
  4. A storyline crosses
  5. Someone talks about love
  6. Someone says actually
  7. Someone speaks another language
  8. You see a turtleneck
  9. Hugh Grant makes you actually cringe
  10. Throughout the scene when our Prime Minister sticks it to the President
  11. The screen tells you how many days left to Christmas (Drink as many gulps per day)
  12. You see someone in their underwear
  13. Colin says something that makes your skin crawl

Finish your drink every time

  1. You cry
  2. You’re actually weirdly attracted to Colin
  3. You wish Daniel (Liam Neeson) was your dad
To me, what you're doing is super creepy but it's Christmas and we love this film so whatever

To me, what you’re doing is super creepy but it’s Christmas and we love this film so whatever.

Kris Kringle 
Sit in a circle and say Kris Kringle as fast as possible. Every time someone is too slow or messes it up they down their drink and everyone drinks.

Santa’s Hat 
Put a hat on your TV, every time someone is wearing it …drink.

Be the house that loves Christmas and the sesh!

Be the house that loves Christmas and the sesh!