64 student houses have been visited by university security following noise complaints

Security has been stepped up since last year

64 student homes in Fallowfield and Withington visited by university security following noise complaints

Since the start of term, numerous student homes have been visited by the newly hired University security, or also known as the ‘Visible Guardians’, in regards to noise levels.

The patrols are buckling down on late-night revellers with several warnings to keep the noise down and to keep any anti-social behaviour under control.


Both Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan funds the patrol of the Visible Guardians, and it is hoped to encourage students in these areas to put a stop to throwing house parties, which will potentially keep the noise and anti-social behaviour to a minimum.

Chairman of South East Fallowfield Residents Group, Peter Bowers feels the scheme will benefit students.

Students residing in the Old Moat property were issued a noise abatement notice following anti-social behaviour and were threatened with further action if this was not resolved.

‘Visible Guardians’ have been hired by university bosses to patrol the Fallowfield and Withington areas and keep noise and behaviour issues under control.


Security members have visited 64 properties since the start of term, with the majority having received warnings over noise complaints.

Several more properties are expected to be issued with notices, which can result in eviction notices, prosecution and even exclusion from universities.

He claims: “I think perhaps new students are just not aware that it’s a residential area and the impact they can have.”

An estimate of nearly 400 properties were visited in the areas last year by university, council and police staff in regards to noise complaints by neighbours and fellow residents. Fallowfield and Withington are not only home to students but also to families and the elderly which is what makes factors such as noise and anti-social behaviour such a serious issue amongst locals of these communities.

Both universities made a joint statement saying they want to maintain a positive relationship between students and residents, backing up their decision in employing the ‘Visible Guardians’ to patrol the streets of Manchester’s most popular student areas.