Cereal café set to open a second site in Manchester

It’s only a year since they first opened

The cereal cafe in Afflecks is planning to broaden its horizons by opening a SECOND branch in Manchester.

Manchester’s very own cereal cafe, Black Milk Cereal Dive – inspired by London’s Cereal Killer Cafe and New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar – has already had to expand its current home in Afflecks into the unit beside it.

Now, due to the huge demand, the founders are looking to open a second branch potentially in the Northern Quarter – just under a year after their first opened.


The store sells over 50 different cereals, and they’ve begun to “turn cereals into desserts” by serving them in chocolate bowls or adding salted caramel flavouring to the milk.

Co-founder Oliver Taylor said: “we offer a full breakfast experience with some naughty treats. We’ve got over 20 different toppings and the same number of infused milks that we use for the cereal and to create drinks, like the coco pops cappuccino”.

They also serve shakes full to bursting with ice cream, biscuits and cakes, which Oliver said has “sent Instagram out of control”.

Saturday Shakes Part ll

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And if you can’t choose which cereal you want, they offer a ‘Slider’ – a board with three or more cereals in separate small glass bowls.

The owners are looking to open the second branch some time this month, and are hoping to treble their capacity by doing so.

First year student Mark said: “I live off cereal. I need to go here.”

While Politics student Eva, who has been, told The Tab: “This place is amazing, the cereal was heavenly and the shakes are to die for.

“I’m not surprised they’re able to open another branch – it was so busy when I went.”