Big Pets on Campus: Sid the Snake

Your ex isn’t the only snake around

Meet Sid the snake


Name: Sid

Age: He’d rather not say

Relationship Status: Major player

Likes: Hissing, not texting back, Tinder, wrapping himself around things

Dislikes: Tories, big corporate conglomerates, marriage, chewing food


Best Friend: Salazar Slytherin

Favourite Film: Snakes on a Plane

Favourite TV Show: Jeremy Kyle


Dietary Requirements: Dead rodents

Favourite Music: Major Lazer & DJ Snake- Lean On


Hobbies: Playing hide and seek, being a fuckboy

Celebrity Crush: The Basilisk


“He’s alright when he’s not hissing about Tory scum or planning an escape.”

He’s the life of house parties and he’s a great DJ, Sid is the best student pet in Manchester – even if his housemates lose him around the house from time to time.