Commuters left angry as Metrolink ticket machines fail again

This is the second time in two weeks

Passengers were unable to purchase tickets using their bank cards during this morning’s rush hour at many stops across Manchester.

Card payments were unable to be authorised through the ticket machines located on Metrolink tram platforms. This occurred across most stops on the tram network.

As a result, many tram passengers were late to work and university.

This isn’t the first time ticket machines have failed. There were many reports of travellers experiencing the same issues two weeks ago.

Metrolink tweeted sincere apologies to passengers, and later issued a statement from the Director of Transport for Greater Manchester, apologising for the delays.

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However, the machines yet again failed to work during the morning rush hour, causing the passengers further inconvenience.

There are currently other ways to purchase tickets, either through cash, or the Metrolink “get me there” app for smartphone devices.