Student shuttle bus launches tonight

It brings you from the Ali G to your front door

The student shuttle bus that takes people from uni to their home in the evenings is launching tonight. 

The service is open to all students, whether studying or clubbing for a safe and cheap journey home.

It will start at the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and runs every hour between 21.00-03.00 from Monday- Saturday and 21.00-00.00 on Sundays during term time.

Student cards can be used to  board the bus.

A journey will cost between £2-4 with all proceeds going to services supporting students who have experienced sexual or domestic violence.

If you don’t have enough cash you can leave your student card with the driver and pick it up the next day in return for your fare from the Students Union.

Jess Lishak the SU Women’s Officer behind the idea said: “I’m so happy to be launching the student shuttle bus tonight. It took a bit longer than expected due to some logistical issues, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response.

“I hope people use it so we can keep it running and in turn fund some really important services for students who’ve experienced sexual violence”.

Third year English and Drama Student Rhomey said: “I think it’s a good idea, it will be interesting to see how it’s implemented though and whether it is successful. Saying that, it’s great to see a step in the right direction towards protecting students”.

Geography student Hannah agreed: “It’s great to see the university really trying to prevent further sexual assaults on students.”