A new cat café to open in the Northern Quarter

Sorry if you’re a dog person

A cat cafe will be opening in the Northern Quarter in Spring 2016.

Opening right before the end of year exams begin, this could be the perfect place for unwinding after revision.

Cat-lovers will be able to visit the café, buy a coffee and stroke any number of the cats there.

Sarah and Ellie Close, the sibling masterminds behind this brand new venture, want the café to be a relaxing place for cat-lovers and are aiming to promote the café as a stress-free zone.

The place will be kitted out with comfy bean-bag chairs, sofas, cat climbing frames and hopefully much more, as donations to fund more cat equipment continue to roll in.

Ellie Close, co-founder of the Cat Café, exclusively tells the Tab that she believes the café will be “the perfect place for students to hang out when studying for exams or trying to write that all important dissertation, as cats are proven to lower blood pressure and offer much needed stress relief.”

After seeing a similar feline sanctuary in Edinburgh, The Maison de Moggy, the sisters knew that they wanted to combine their two loves of business and cats, beginning in Manchester, and hopefully expanding to Liverpool and Leeds in the future.

The cats themselves are soon to get their own twitter pages, so you can familiarise yourselves with them in time for the grand opening.