Man who sexually assaulted student in Picadilly jailed for six years

The victim was virtually unconscious

Daniel Rak has been jailed for six years and has been placed on the sex offenders register for life, guilty of sexual assault.

The incident occurred at the tram stop in Piccadilly Gardens on April 4th, where the 19-year-old student who had lost her friends was subjected to what has been described as “a humiliating public ordeal”.

The convicted attacker

The 33-year-old attacker removed the woman’s underwear and assaulted her in front of passers-by. At one point he forced her head towards his groin.

Eventually, witnesses at the scene intervened, and the man was arrested.

He claimed he was drunk and couldn’t remember what had happened. It has been claimed that the behaviour was random and not part of any targeted attack.

The scene of the attack

The judge of the case described the victim as “unconscious, intoxicated and unable to behave in a discriminating manner”, saying the attacker completely took advantage of her and caused “psychological trauma”.