Police confiscate music equipment from Victoria Road house

It’s all kicking off

Manchester City Council and GMP confiscated four speakers, an amp and a CD player from the house. 

The ten students in the Victoria Road house were reprimanded after numerous complaints from neighbours last week.

They received various notices of the consequences if they did not lower the volume, including a noise abatement notice.

This comes after the confiscation of sound equipment and laptops from Cawdor Road, two weeks ago.

These complaints not only came from families who lived on the road, but students too, who claimed the music was so loud the furniture began to shake.

Second year Chemist Anna is unimpressed by the action, she told The Tab: “It’s a childish thing to do, its like taking away a kids toy cause they’ve done something wrong.

“It’s not going to make them stop playing music, it’ll only provoke them further.”

However, other students felt it was justified saying: “The music would go on until about 3am about once or twice a week. It is really loud. If you leave your window open when it’s on it’s like it’s playing full blast inside your room.”

The Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhoods, said: “We’ve told residents that we’re taking the problem of noisy student parties very seriously, and the fact we’ve seized equipment from two houses in the last few weeks demonstrates that we will not tolerate unacceptable levels of noise coming from student houses.

“It is possible for students and permanent residents to co-exist without any tension, yet Manchester City Council want it to be known that in their eyes, students who hold parties which go on to the early hours of morning do not respect their neighbours, and in this instance – there will be consequences.”