U.S. news ranks us as one of best global universities

Man Met didn’t make the list

U.S. news has ranked us as 56th in the world for best global universities, awarding us a cracking global score of 71.2.

As one of many league tables that have been released in the past few weeks, this one is no exception when it comes to giving us the thumbs up.

We came 6th in the UK in terms of our position globally, even racing ahead of Kings this time around, who lagged behind at joint 61st.

We ranked similarly to how we have in some other recent global lists, based on our overall reputation and academic research, but this time overtook some of our UK rivals.

Of all the Russell Group unis we came in at 4th, beating almost every other uni in the country.

Second year Sarah said: “It makes me proud to tell people which uni I go to. When I was applying here the rankings weren’t as good, but I feel like it just keeps getting better.”