Kebab King is Fallowfield’s least hygienic takeaway

And the other one’s aren’t much better

This week we took a look at Fallowfield’s favourite takeaways to review the best and the worst places to stop by after coming back from a night out.

What we found was surprising – it looks like your Kebab King chips, cheese and gravy may not be as clean as you thought.

Kebab King

It would appear that popularity among freshers does not equate to hygienic food, or so the Food Standards Agency thought following their inspection in February. They gave the beloved eatery a shameful one out of five saying major improvement is necessary.

This, however, has not turned the opinion of Fallowfield’s residents, who still admire it and the Kebab King himself.



Chesters has got a menu offering chicken, burgers, wraps and pizza and is notable for its cheap chicken and pizza deals. It is backed up by a solid five out of six rating on Just Eat and mainly positive reviews. 

“..and I stand by that lifestyle choice.”

Chicken King

It was 10/10

Chicken King is a reliable stop with friendly staff and a diverse menu. It’s got a majority of positive reviews with four out of five stars on Yelp, four and a half out of six stars on Just Eat and a food hygiene rating of four out of five from the FSA.


A less well-known takeaway in the area, Abdul’s arsenal includes curries, kebabs, burger, pizzas and wraps. Although it may boast a four out of five star rating on Yelp and a four out of five food hygiene rating from the FSA, we came across some horror stories when asking Fallowfield residents of their experiences.

One of her mentioned friends, Max, was able to give us his account of the story: “I used to live above Abdul’s and unfortunately had to endure the smells every morning and evening of their ‘high quality cuisine.'”


23rd Street Pizza

23rd Street is a favourite for local residents, being popular for selling pizza by the slice and its enormous 20 inch pizzas, but the health inspectors were unimpressed in March this year when they gave it a rating of one out of five. Surprisingly, despite the low hygiene rating, 23rd Street still maintains a five out of six rating on Just Eat. 

Looks like Fallowfield has plenty of good food to offer, but at what cost? The cleanliness of the food from some of the local takeaways is questionable so make sure to be cautious before diving into your greasy late-night treats.