Were the SU right to ban Julie Bindel and Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking?

People were divided on this opinion

This week the SU kicked controversial speakers Julie Bindel and Milo Yiannopoulos off the bill of an event hosted by the Free Speech and Secular Society because of Bindel’s connections with transphobia and radical views and Yiannopoulos being a “rape apologist”.

We asked students whether they believed that yes this was the right decision, or no it wasn’t their call to make.

Danny Truscott, 1st Year , Management

“She should be banned on making speeches on that particular topic.”

Millie Phillips, 2nd Year , Politics

“It may be controversial, however the union shouldn’t make that decision. It’s a personal choice whether people go or not.”

Amy Mclaughlin, 2nd Year, Business & Arabic and Jack Lofthouse, 3rd Year , Business & Sociology

“Yes they were right to ban because everyone should feel welcome at university but then there is also the issue of freedom of speech.”

Richard Allman, 1st Year , Management

“Topics like this can be highly offensive and cause a lot of upset.”

Hugo Delmain, 3rd Year, Philosophy

” I wouldn’t have gone to see her because she isn’t a very nice person, so other people should follow suit.”

Karenza Cutting, 3rd Year, English Lit

“It is a difficult question because although freedom of speech is important you do have to bear in mind people’s feelings.”

Karenza Cutting, 3rd Year, English Lit

“We are potentially missing an opportunity to educate her and debate the wider issues.”

Naz Biggs, Postgraduate

“In mind of the safety of their students the union should create guidelines or a brief in which speakers should stay in if they want to speak so that the universities’ main ethos is not threatened. The individual then has the choice to attend or not.”

Dean Foley, 3rd Year , Mechanical Engineering

“Given that students can pick whether they can go to an event or not, and therefore trans students can avoid being triggered. It is peoples own choice.

Talham Mehtab, 3rd Year, EEE

“They shouldn’t have banned her, it’s simply against freedom of speech.”