Manchester campus style

Who run the world? Girls

The first week of lectures is nearly over, so we thought we’d head out and snap you up for a campus style that you can look back on in week 12 and reminisce about how fabulously dressed we all once were.

You may have got up 10 minutes earlier this week to perfect that winged eyeliner or iron that seriously creased shirt, but by the end of the semester you’ll be rolling up to uni in a baggy jumper, coffee cup in tow, wondering why you could ever be arsed to look half decent for lectures.

Xing Xing, second year, German

Xing Xing looks fab in this light pink shirt with matching eyeshadow.

The no jacket decision was awfully brave for Manchester though.

Lydia, second year, Music (and friend)

Lydia and friend are looking très chic in the sun. We love the clashing patterns Lydia is wearing and her friend looks fab in her denim and jumper combo

Sadie, second year, Politics and Sociology

Second year Sadie shows us that even when the sun is shining black is still very relevant.

Ellen and Aye, fourth year, Anthropology

Ellen is wearing a beautifully patterned jacket perfect for Autumn whereas Aye is enjoying the late September sun in sandals. Hope it didn’t rain…

Maddie, second year, English Lit

Maddie’s friends tell her she doesn’t have any style but the Tab thinks this skirt and top together is brill.

Ellie, third year, Psychology

Fave outfit of the day. Ellie kills it in a denim jacket and cropped trousers combo.

Steph, second year, Mathematics

Second year Steph shows less effort is definitely more in this casual get up complete with patterned trousers and metallic shoes.

Ruby and Sophie, second year, Chinese

Ruby and Sophie are bringing casual back to campus with their denim numbers. Not trying too hard is the new dressing to impress in a week of Freshers wearing their best outfits to lectures. Kudos, girls.