There is a rat and mice infestation in Fallowfield

Apparently it’s because of freshers

Fallowfield is a hotspot for rats and mice because of the return of  freshers, a report conducted by a local pest control company has revealed.

Young’s Pest Control have said that because of the influx of students we are all at greater risk of hearing the dreaded scuttling sound.

Apparently, students’ notoriety for not being so careful about the cleanliness of their houses makes for a mouse’s paradise.

Where the mice like to party

The numbers have soared above previous years’ figures, with an average of 1 in 6 cases of pest removal being in the Moss Side and Fallowfield area.

Third year James had problems with mice in his house last year and urged people to be careful: “We got mice in our house from not taking the bins out and just being a bit careless with leaving food around the kitchen.

“People don’t think it’s that big of a deal but if they get inside the walls it’s awful and you have to kill them to get rid.”

English Literature third year Megan disputed the rumours saying we’re all just dirty: “Just because you get mice doesn’t mean you live in an absolute hovel.”

However, it’s not just the students that are to blame. The wet weather over the summer has also contributed to the problem, by encouraging rodent numbers to soar.