Can you sum up Manchester in one word?


It’s that time of the year when everyone starts to flood back into the city after the coldest summer ever. Everybody loves¬†Manchester, so we asked you to sum up the mad city in one word.

Laura and Charlotte, 1st year Audio Production

“This is our first photo together”

Dan, 4th year Computer Science


Morgan, 1st year Buying and Merchandising, and Aziz, 1st year Mechanical Engineering

“There are loads of Subways”

Shelby, 3rd year Marketing



Mark, 3rd year Law

“Amazing once you get to know it”


Eleri, 2nd year SFX Makeup and Caroline, 2nd year Business Management

“It’s always awake”

Josie Lau, 3rd year Economics

“Everything about Manchester is magic, including Magic Bus”


Frank Mee, 2nd Year Economics

“Warmer when you wear jumpers”