Love lock craze hits Manchester

It’s already happening on the Oxford Road

Couples in Manchester have followed the footsteps of Paris, New York, Las Vegas and other cities by displaying their love for each other with a padlock on a bridge.

Around 100 padlocks are already attached to the Oxford Road bridge, and the Manchester Council is looking for more specific locations around the city.

The council is looking for specific locations for love locks

The council’s city centre spokesman councilor Pat Karney said: “I’ve been down and looked at the locks and I like the idea, and have seen it in many cities all over the world.

“There’s a nice human element to this which ties that to our city.

“If this is the something the public want, we will look at other locations around the city this could be done.”

The tying of the lock became popular on the Pont des Arts in Paris where lovers would then throw the key into the River Seine beneath as a symbol of everlasting love.

Earlier this year the locks were removed from the Pont des Arts due to the weight which caused the bridge to collapse.

Karney added: “We obviously want this to be safe, look tasteful and be a
positive attraction to the city.”

Padlocks have already been tied to the Oxford Road bridge

Dr Ceri Houlbrook, a researcher at the University of Manchester, has created a blog on the very topic – The Love Lock Diaries.

She said; “I think it’s such a good idea for Manchester council to get involved in this custom.

“While it’s been banned in cities like Paris and Florence, Manchester wants to embrace it and use it to do something good. What a fantastic idea.”

In Manchester, one couple celebrated their first year together on the Oxford Road bridge. Their engraved padlock read: “Osvin and Emily, 5.3.2015, 1 Year Together.”

Many others just engraved initials and date on the locks.