How to cope when everyone finishes their exams before you

Guys wait for me

Some of us know the feeling all too well. You’re still living in the library, desperately trying to make up for the fact that you only attended one lecture all semester, and your mates are already finishing their exams.

This is probably going to be the longest week of your life.

Where have my mates gone?

Excuse me, I’m still trying to recover from the disaster that was my first few exams, why is everyone already celebrating? I don’t care if you’ve finished, if I still have to suffer, so should you.

We all know the type. The English, History, Drama. They’ve only had one exam and “only need 25% to pass anyway”, how is this fair?

If you’re really unlucky then you’ll have mates that have no exams at all. They did have two essays to do though to be fair.

No doubt this week is going to be a struggle, but we can get through this. Remaining friends with our flatmates afterwards is going to be the tricky bit.

First step: move flats. Okay maybe not, but you might want to consider investing in some ear plugs for the night before your exam. Cause asking your mates to “keep it down” when they’re pre-ing for their post exam piss-up goes down about as well as suggesting leaving at 11…(not well).

It’s not like I’ve got an exam in the morning or anything…

It’s also important to remember that attending pres when you can’t actually go out is totally allowed. Everyone prefers pres to the actual night out anyway. All of the fun, none of the dirty hangover/embarrassed regret of the next morning, winner. Be sure to rinse your flatmates for their drunken antics the next day as well.

This is also the perfect opportunity to get to know those people on your course you’ve been tactically avoiding all year. They finish on the same day as you, they feel your pain – this is prime-time to bond and make some new mates through a joint revision sesh.

You’ll be trying to avoid your painfully happy flatmates at all costs for the next week anyway, and apparently misery loves company.

Another major issue with this in-between week is that apparently it’s not socially acceptable to go out in trackies, your pj top and no makeup in the day anymore? Oh. Maybe if we start making a bit more effort for the library then we’ll actually see what this whole library boyfriend/girlfriend thing is all about. Loads of the fit people have probably finished their exams as well, meaning less competition and more chance of being someone’s library crush.

Fingers crossed anyway.

We’re all in this together (Troy Bolton said it, so we should listen). Surround yourself with other people who are also prisoners to exams until the very end. Who needs to go out and get fucked when you can have a movie/cheese and wine/dinner night. Nights in are like so underrated anyway.

Just think of next week. We’ll be in our element when all of our already hungover mates are struggling, so it’s worth it really.