Manchester students are the most employable in the country

Everybody wants us

Britain’s top employers want Manchester students to fill their graduate jobs more than any other students in the UK. 

Last year Manchester students were the second most sought after in Britain for graduate jobs.

This year the news is even better – we’ve hit number one, beating Oxbridge yet again.

According to the High Fliers survey Manchester students are the most sought after by the UK’s top employers.

High Fliers Research says we’re the best


All those bum out hours in the Ali G are worth it

We’re followed by last year’s number one university, Nottingham, with Oxford and Cambridge ranking fourth and fifth.

While Manchester only ranks 28th in The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide (with Oxbridge at joint 1st) it seems we’re far more employable.

Is it due to our academic performance, or are we just plain better?

Last year many sectors increased the amount of graduates they recruited, with some, such as the media, hiring up to 44% more. ]

And that’s not all – the highest graduate salaries for 2015 can reach up to £45,000 in investment banking and £40,000 in law, meaning Manchester students have the best chance of getting a fantastic salary right away.

So take that, Oxbridge. We’re wanted more than you.