Phwoar! Manchester’s most eligible bachelors

Mother may I

Are there any single boys left in Manchester? Can I feast my eyes on some pictures of them? Has Christmas come early?

Yes to all of the above. Here’s five super cuties in your area who you can look up on Facebook later.

Luke May


Course and year: Maths, fourth year

Fave night out: Play No Games, 256

Chat up line: “It’s actually so good I’ve met you, I’ve just split up with my cross-eyed girlfriend – she was seeing other people.”

He quickly mentioned that he’s never actually used it.

Party trick: “I don’t really have any party tricks, but I can solve a Rubik’s cube in around 90 seconds if that’s any girls sort of thing…”

Interesting fact: HE HAS A TWIN

Max Homan

Room for two under that rock?

Course and year: Classics, second year

Fave night out: Northern Quarter

Chat up line: “Not really a chat up line kind of guy, I ask lots of questions, always maintain eye contact.”

Party trick: Apparently he can open a beer bottle with pretty much anything…

We can confirm, the eye contact thing is definitely true.

Andrew Polydorou


Course and year: Psychology, first year

Fave night out: Tiger Tiger, Deansgate, Sankeys, etc

Chat up line: “I’m not really into clique one liners, I’m quite dynamic, it depends on the situation.”

Party trick: He doesn’t have a party trick but informed me that he has a ‘soft face” and can slut drop. Apparently it’s to do with having strong calves….

Dan FitzPatrick

Who doesn’t love a man in a suit?

Course and year: Medic, fourth year

Fave night out: Fresh Fridays at Robbos

Chat up line: “Hey I lost my number, can I have yours?”

Party trick: “Not a party trick as such but I do have an exceptionally long tongue.”

Well, everyone loves a medic.

William Pettit



Course and year: Medic, fifth year

Fave night out: Joshua Brookes

Chat up line: “Are you from Jerusalem? ‘Cause you Israeli fit.”

Party trick: More of a distinguishing feature – “great hair”.

He’s a medic AND he plays rugby.