Uni rip down controversial ‘stop showing your assets’ poster after student backlash

Staff took out of date poster down last night

A controversial police poster that told students to “stop showing off” has been torn down by uni staff.

The poster, which was framed in Kilburn in 2007 but came to light on Facebook yesterday, showed a girl with her thong above her jeans and her electronic valuables on show, next to the words “keep your assets out of sight”.

The poster was removed by staff last night after it came under fire from outraged students.

The GMP's new posters next to the dated ones, before it was taken down

The GMP’s new posters next to the dated ones, before it was taken down

The stylised illustration with graffiti-style font showed a girl holding a Motorola flip-phone, a generation one iPod in true 90s fashion.

The framed poster was spotted Lab G23 yesterday – a computer cluster on the ground floor of the Kilburn building.

A spokesperson told The Tab:  “A poster that formed part of an anti-crime initiative by Greater Manchester Police in 2007 was placed on a wall in the Kilburn Building without the knowledge or consent of the University.

“The posters were not displayed on campus at the time of the initial campaign and this single poster, put up by persons unknown, has now been removed.”

Last year, the university ripped down one student’s panto posters after they were deemed too rude.

Megan said: “I can’t believe this filth is up around our uni when last year they took our pantomime posters down just because they had a penis on them.”

Megan, still in shock her panto posters were taken down

Megan, still in shock her panto posters were taken down

A photo of the poster circulated among angry students on Facebook yesterday.

Women’s Officer Jess Lishak called for the posters to be taken down. In a post, she said: “Found a good use for my new anti-rape posters! Quite a stark contrast between two GMP posters…

“Let me know if you want to add your name to a letter to university management, demanding that it’s taken down and replaced with a positive message against victim blaming and sexual harassment!”

Ryan, said: “I saw the poster through the women’s executive page, and think it’s pathetic that they are using a picture of a woman for a poster about theft, it’s basically saying you deserve it.”

Shannon, an English Lit student told The Tab: “I think it’s awful there’s blame on women being attacked for what they wear.

“We should live in a world where people are taught not to rape, not how to dress.

“Also what’s worse is the poster objectifies this woman’s body as an ‘asset’ which is just as bad as the objectification of a woman by rape.”

Kim, a second year student told The Tab: “It’s the implications that are bad, they could’ve used anyone in that type of image but they’ve targeted women.

“What’s the difference between a woman showing her knickers and a guy showing his boxers?”

Ryan saw the poster on the Execteam Women’s Officer page yesterday

In a statement, GMP said: “This poster was produced in 2007 by GMP as part of a campaign to tackle robberies being committed against students. It has nothing to do with a publicity campaign on rape.”

“The strapline ‘keep your assets out of sight’ was simply a reminder to students not to flaunt valuables such as mobile phones, iPods and cameras.”

“The poster is no longer printed or distributed, and it is seven years since they were last sent out.”

“The artwork was approved by the head of PR at the time, and this particular style was chosen as it was thought it would appeal to students and get their attention. It is worth noting that we received no negative feedback at the time these were produced.”