Student pets: Meet baby bunnies Pluto and Bruce

These BPOCs (big pets on campus) are cooler than you

Here are the two adorable bunnies who were adopted from a local family by caring zoologists. 

Third-year Sarah Barfield-Marks says that her fluffy balls of cuteness “roam around the flat as if they own the entire place” and they pretty much do.



Age: 12 weeks

Gender: Female (and a sassy one)

Relationship Status: Not interested/playing hard to get as always

Likes: Cuddles,  raspberries, Thomas Hardy books, nibbling, FemSoc, kale, afro-beats.

Dislikes: People forgetting to switch the TV off, falling on her bum (happens a lot), getting the bus late at night.

Favourite film: Ocean’s 11

Hobbies: Staring, hopping, instagramming, carrots



Name: Bruce Carr

Age: 12 weeks

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: It’s complicated

Likes: Hide and seek, carrots, licking human arms, warm cups of tea, drum and bass, being independent, Pluto <3

Dislikes: Hoovers, taxis.

Favourite film: The Notebook (when nobody’s watching)

Hobbies: Staring, hopping, tweeting, chillin’ out, carrots

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