This one time at Fifth Ave…American Pie’s Kevin DJs at student night

His career is going strong

Indie revellers at Fifth Ave got a break from The Courteeners last week – when American Pie’s Kevin turned up and took to the decks.

Thom Nicholas, the actor who played everyone’s favourite Kevin Myers in the American Pie films has made the move from actor to DJ, surprising students at the venue on Wednesday.

The newly renamed “Fifth” booked him for one of their American themed “frat parties” events last week.

Was he there making virginity pacts? Was he after a cheap sambuca? Who knows

How he got from red carpet film premieres to a beer carpeted club is pretty unclear, but bets are on that rumours of 3 for £3 skittlebombs might have had something to do with it.

Amazingly enough, Thom didn’t make the trek from the states JUST for Fifth Ave.  Taking time off from being an actor, his DJ set was actually the after party for his gig at Night & Day, as he is currently on tour in the UK.

One clubber at the event said: “I honestly didn’t know until I went to the bar it was him, some people were taking pictures but I thought it was some DJ I hadn’t heard of. Couldn’t believe it.”

Some were less impressed: “I wish it had been Stifler’s mum.”


Fifth is known for playing host to celebs who’ve found themselves on the DJ route, such as that guy from the Game of Thrones – the brother of the really fit one who almost married Joffrey.

It turns out he’s married to a house DJ, although luckily he didn’t take too much inspiration, as if house music was played in the main room of Fifth ave, the world might actually have ended.


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