It’s a hoax! Chicken King IS NOT for sale

We thought it was all over – but our favourite fast food joint won’t be shutting up shop afterall

Recently, The Tab reported that the legendary chicken shop that we all love was on the market.

But now, in a surprising turn of events, we can reveal that Chicken King is not for sale.

According to our inside sources, it’s all thanks Zoopla, the property listings website, who royally clucked the whole thing up.

We had to straighten things out...

We had to do some investigating….

In May, students of Manchester were left shocked after The Tab revealed that Chicken King was up for sale on trusty property website, Zoopla.

The ad showcased several snaps of Chicken King behind the scenes, including the kitchen, basement, and upstairs flat, and offered the commercial property at half a million pounds.

But soon after the we reported the puzzling news, the one and only King himself, Shahz, got in touch to set the record straight.

As it turns out, the advert on Zoopla is in fact a stitch-up. The whole saga came as a huge shock to Shahz and the rest of team – they didn’t even know why their property was listed as up for grabs.

Who would be so cruel?

So how is our main man feeling about the stunt?

Shahz was reluctant to disclose any information at first – he was disgusted at the thought of someone getting restricted photographs of the restaurant and flat upstairs, and advertising the Fallowfield joint for sale.

And after telling us that they’re taking the matter very seriously, Shahz told us a bit more about our favourite chicken shop.

He told us: “Chicken King does very well for itself and we are very satisfied with it”. He continued to reveal the very legitimate statistic that “95% of students in the Fallowfield area love Chicken King”.

Shahz opened up about how happy he is to serve the hungry students of Manchester. Working at Chicken King since 2008, Shahz clearly is a big name, saying: “I have a lot of big fans, past students call me at Chicken King to check in with me sometimes”.

So it seems like Fallowfield’s favourite chicken shop won’t be shutting its doors any time soon and Shahz and team are as committed as ever to feeding you that 3am chicken you deserve.

But the property listing still remains a mystery, and strangely enough, the property is still up for grabs according to Zoopla.

If you know anyone who’s played a part in this heartless wind-up email us at [email protected] or comment below.