The seven types of reviser you will find this exam period

And they’re all as annoying as each other

The Serious One

You can tell these ones apart because of their pale skin caused by being locked either in their rooms or in the library all day revising. They are like vampires; they only leave the library/their rooms to feed…

Will work on any surface

Will work on any surface

The Work Hard, Play Hard

These are the guys who despite having an exam in the morning go out and party hard and still manage to turn up to their exams on time, if slightly hungover. These are those frustrating people who seem to do no work at all and yet get top marks. From all of us hard working people, we sincerely hate you.

Fresher's: start as you mean to go on

I’ll start revising soon, I swear

The Socialite

This is the person who simply cannot revise by themselves and so ropes all of their friends into doing a ‘group revision sessions’ and somehow manages to make new friends on their trips to the library.

Guys let’s get a study room

The Complainer

This person is that annoying flatmate who spends more time complaining about all the work they have to do/exams they need to revise for, than actually doing it. A large amount of time is also spent complaining noisily to friends down the phone…


Why me?! Why?!

The Procrastinator

Will do absolutely anything to avoid revision.

Who knew washing up was such fun?

Who knew washing up was such fun…

 Even the gym is better than revision!

Yoga anyone?

The class was pretty full

The one who is in denial

Similar to the procrastinator, this is the person who simply refuses to acknowledge that exams are inevitable and going to take place. They simply refuse to do the work on the basis that if they do not do it the exam will not take place. In general this is not a great mind-set to adopt.

Makes you wonder if it's all worth it

When I open my eyes, the work will have done itself…

The Crammer

Who says leaving things until the last minute doesn’t work? The crammer will breeze painlessly through the revision period and only sit down to work a couple of days before the exam. At this point you will not see them until after the exam, as they try to transfer the content of their textbook to their memory in the space of 48hours, before promptly forgetting everything as soon as the exam is over.

If I don’t move my head…no information will fall out