Owens Park tower to be demolished

Our favourite building faces the axe – meaning the end of the Tower Challenge too

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Owens Park tower, the building we all love to hate, will be knocked down next year, The Tab can reveal.

Fallowfield will never be the same…

Fallowfield’s iconic 200 foot eyesore is set to be demolished in June 2015, to make way for a new hall of residence.

It brings an end to an impressive 49 year reign as Manchester’s tallest, dirtiest and shittest hall.

“Following a meeting in the accommodation office, the decision has been taken to replace the Owens Park tower”, a uni spokesman told The Tab.

“Although it’ll be sad to see the end of one of Manchester’s most recognisable structures, we’re very excited about the new plans we have for the site”.

Nice building, tiny rooms

Freshers starting at UoM this September will be the  last residents who will be able to try their luck at the tower challenge.

This is a race where people brave and stupid enough try to drink a shot on each of the building’s 16 floors from top to bottom.

A ‘Save our Tower’ page has already been launched on Facebook, with some students threatening to tie themselves to the structure to keep the bulldozers away.

Work on the new hall of residence will start in January 2016, but details of what the new buildings will look like haven’t been released yet.

A (filthy) room with a view


Check the date guys… The tower is safe.