Big brains on campus: Manchester named as one of the brainiest cities

Who’s a clever Manc then? Manchester appears in guide of world’s brainiest cities

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Manchester has been named as one of the world’s brainiest cities.

JR library – one of our icons

A guide published in an Australian newspaper calls our city an ‘intellectual powerhouse’, and sings the praises of the John Rylands library and other intelligent icons, like the Mechanics Institute.

“In [the] 18th century, Manchester was the city of the future”, the Sydney Herald guide says.

“Here it didn’t matter what you were born. What counted was what you made of yourself”.

Manc legend John Dalton – with his hipster glasses on

Also getting their names on the post are Karl Marx and his mate Friedrich Engels, who spent a lot of time here coming up with their Marxist political theory.

Sadly there’s no mention of us current students though, who slave away at our desks 24/7 in our own mission to conquer all knowledge.

Even stranger, the guide doesn’t speak of any Manchester greats like Alan Turing, the lad who brought us the modern computer, or John Dalton, the atomically brilliant chemist.

Other cities joining us in the elite list include Boston (USA), Prague and Edinburgh.

Alan Turing Building – fit for a genius