What the fish is that? Seafood stench invades Manchester

It’s getting a bit fishy around Manc, as a rather codd smell hits the air…

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Manchester’s been snappered by a rank smell of fish, students have said.

Manchestench – it seems we’ve been invaded

Fallowfield and Uni have all been hit by the strange stink, as well as other plaices around Manc.

The whiff was first sniffed on Monday, and several UoM students have already been carping on about it.

“I could smell it in Fallowfield at the main bus stop, and near Baa Bar and Sainsburys”, said second year Josephine Erdely-Morris.

Kelly Dalton said: “Noticed it when moving from Zochonis to Simon building”, while Lizzie Hay mentioned she “could smell it on Oxford Road opposite Ali G”.

Watch out at Ali Gill-bert

We called Manchester City Council to see where this seafood stench was coming from.

The spokeswoman said she didn’t know – but knew exactly what we were talking about.

“I’m from Stockport and it’s funny you mention it – I noticed it this morning”, she said.

“I thought ‘this is an odd time to be cooking fish'”.

Have you noticed anything codd around town? Or perhaps you’ve haddock an idea where it’s coming from? Tell us below.