Chicken King: Meet the man trying to swipe Paz’s crown

Who is the true king of Fallowfield? Introducing Shahz – the Chicken King vying for the prestigious take-away title

Appreciated uniwide as the king of Fallowfield’s fast food, it seems that Kebab King’s Paz has some competition for his prestigious throne.

But there’s a new King in town and he’s stealing the limelight from our beloved Paz.

Glowing as ever

Glowing as ever

Where better to calm your post-night-out-munchies than a takeaway a mere few drunken steps from the bus stop? A place that you can have your photo taken with none other than the infamous Paz.

Kebab King is obviously the default stop off for Freshers after a wild night on the town.

The legend of Fallowfield has his heart devoted to serving students their much sought after chips, and he’ll never let you forget your garlic mayo.


He’s been reigning over the Wilmslow Road for over 18 years now with his £2.70 cheesy chip – but isn’t that a little bit too mainstream for all of Manchester’s less than evanescent edgy kids?

Paz probably had you at “Let’s have a picture for my big screen”, proceeding to add you on Facebook, making you the coolest out of your friends because their fast food hero knew you.

Going wild for a kebab

Going wild for a kebab

Or maybe he stole your heart on Valentine’s Day, squeezing your ketchup in a heart shape on your pizza box.

You may even just love Paz for the banter he brings to the end of your night out.

But there’s another king in town… Introducing Shahz, the Chicken King.

Spotted with a chick on his arm

Spotted with a chick on his arm

For second years living in the heart of Fallowfield, when budgets get a little too tight for McDonald’s, head to Shahz, notorious for his love of peri peri, to share you drunken emotions of love and hunger (or if you’re an Owen’s Park fresher and just a little too cool for Kebab King).

If you become one of Shahz’s favourite students, you might be lucky enough to get an insight into the mysterious world behind the counter of a chicken shop.

Feeling like he's made it

Feeling like he’s made it

Better yet, the morning after, you won’t even regret the food from the night before, and you could find yourself back in the chicken palace wanting more fresh chicken the next day… completely sober.

But, the best thing about this self-acclaimed king is the feeling that overcomes you on finding a sixth chicken strip in your box, when you only paid for five. Believe me, it feels better than discovering a seventh mini jaffa cake in a packet of six.

They even have their own boxes, what more could you want?

They even have their own boxes, what more could you want?

So, if you want a change from your Facebook profile being full of pictures of you loving the kebabulous Paz, you may just want to save yourself from drowning in the mainstream of Freshers and join the hipsters with their abnormally large chicken burgers in Shahz’s palace.

(Note: there may not be any actual hipsters left in Chicken King now that more people are hearing about it.)