Man calls 999 after falling asleep in Sackville Street toilet overnight

Man finds himself trapped in Sackville loos – and calls for emergency help

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A man who spent an unplanned night in a Sackville St toilet phoned 999 the morning after to help him get out.

Our model looks bored by other newspapers. Could this have driven him to sleep?

Many of us have been there – falling asleep on/over the loo after a night out.

But imagine one man’s horror when he woke up on the toilet – all the way in the Sackville Street building.

Trapped in Sackville – a scary thought

The luckless lad is thought to have been inside the building at 9pm last Thursday before passing out in a cubicle.

He woke up at about 7:30 the next morning and called the police, saying he’d been locked in and needed help to get out.

It happens to the best of us

But before officers could arrive, he rang back again to say he’d (somehow) found his way out of the oversize structure and was on his way home.

Sackville was built over 100 years ago and feels like an abandoned school that’s the size of Belgium, so getting locked in there must be pretty scary stuff.

You’re locked in where? On the what?

We can’t be sure what this sleepy individual was doing in the loos all night, but if he wanted a nap, there’s plenty more comfy spots to do it on campus.

Didn’t fancy a nap on the SU sofas then?