Manchester named as one of the top unis for toffs.

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Manchester has come 17th in new research ranking the universities with the most independent school students.

Do you struggle to pick which pony to ride to uni? Butler bought the wrong champagne to bathe in? Does your money pile get in the way of your diamonds drawer? If so, it looks like you’re not alone.


Not everyone needs a buspass…

So it looks like posh students have migrated North in their masses – a whopping 3,495 privately educated students attended Manchester Uni from 2005-2007.


However, despite being composed of 22.1% privately educated students, we still have a long way to go to hit the top spot. Oxford has a rah-ther high percentage of 46.6%.

League private school

Universities with the lowest percentage of independently schooled pupils

Our neighbours at Manchester Met had a far more humble set of statistics – only 5.3% of students there went to private schools.