10 things you’ll only get if you’re a Chemistry student at Manchester

Just for the uni’s proper scientists…

chemistry gifs labs Manchester student University

10. When you try to understand a measurements lab script…


9. Questioning why the transferable skills module exists


8. Feeling sad when your lectures aren’t in G51

Home sweet home


7. Being deafened by the woman in the Chemistry cafe


6. Feeling like this when you change from synthesis to measurements lab…


5. Realising you’ll NEVER EVER understand quantum theory


4. Actual yield in synthesis: 2%.  Yield I’ll put in my report: 75%


3. After Week 1, you can’t be arsed to go to PASS anymore


2. Being a good student and always handing in your tutorials on time with each and every question fully answered


1. Feeling furious during reading week, when everyone at uni has a week off except us