5 Types of Relationship

If you’re confused by your current state of affairs, find out which relationship status fits you best.

In the old days there was courting and marriage, relationships were built up by the use of paper and pen. You couldn’t “see” when someone had read and received your message. You couldn’t say, “I know he’s been on Facebook, he’s updated his status.”

In this day and age there are at least five different types of relationship, each with its own set of rules. Except double texting – it’s never ok, ever.

Try as a test to explain to your parents that you are casually exclusively seeing someone but he is not your boyfriend – they will not understand. The Tab has attempted to explain the difference with a list of post Pride and Prejudice definitions. But, truth be told we’re not that sure either.

Just Banging

Self explanatory, booty calls only.

just banging

No you come over.


A bit past ‘banging buddies’ possibly because its happened a few more times than planned (every night except last Sunday when you rang your ex and then passed out).

You can still “officially” get with other people, but its a good idea to confirm this status BEFORE you do.



Starting to get a little attached so you want to be sure of their commitment without actually committing.


The look of lurve.


No one really knows how to take this step anymore, should we ask “will you go out with me” or just test the word “girlfriend” in conversation.


You’ve finally pinned him down – a cause for celebration.


Don’t be fooled this is different from non-exclusively seeing someone. This is after you’ve been in a relationship and decided you miss getting with other people. This is a classic example of having your cake and eating it.


Not awkward at all.