Manchester: UK’s best city

The ‘London of the North’ named the best place to live in the UK

Manchester is still the best place to live in the country, according to a new study.

A survey by the Economist magazine named Manc the 51st best city in the world, based on factors like environment, culture and education.”

manchester 2

Peerless: Another accolade for Manchester

Manchester came four places above London which ranked 55th out of 140 major cities.

Third year fashion student Megan Connors explained that said she thought Manchester’s diverse night life played a big role in making it number one in the UK.

She said: “Manchester has a night for everyone from Pout to Warehouse Project. People come from all over to see specific DJs that have brought their sets to the London of the North.”

And Manchester’s ethnic mix is nearly as varied as its nightlife – a recent study found over 200 languages are spoken in Britain’s most likable city.