Clubbed to Death: Students Mourn Sankeys

Legendary venue to close its doors, but we won’t miss the bouncers

Ibiza Sankeys

Grieving clubbers have paid tribute to the ravers’ Mecca Sankeys after the venue – once considered the best in the world – announced it was closing last Thursday.

After a seven year stint of dictating Manchester’s Friday and Saturday nights both locals and students will be looking to fill the gaping void left in their weekends.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Sankeys owner David Vincent told bereaved club goers: I have decided to close Sankeys in Manchester indefinitely this summer as I focus my attention on our third year in Ibiza.

“Who knows when we will be back in Manchester, or if we ever will be back, or what comes next in this great city I love.”

The statement was met with mixed reactions, with some punters left wondering conspiratorially over the move on facebook:

Whatever the reasons behind Sankeys’ closure, it will be sorely missed by the majority – although it appears completely the opposite can be said for their door staff.

A Third-year medical student told The Tab: “I don’t know fam, it’s like they had a personal vendetta against anyone in a flat peak.

“Everybody agrees they were among the worst bouncers to deal with on a student night, and that’s including those horrible w*nkers who worked the door at Twisted (formerly known as Robbos)”

Where will these ladies party now?

Infamous for their heavy-handed and often tyrannical presence both inside and out the club, a lot of students will be happy to see the back of them.

However, now out of work at Sankeys, we may find them cropping up at other nightclubs – a prospect no one is keen on.

Not sure we’ll miss these guys

Other students are now worrying that, with Sankeys gone and Warehouse running events throughout the year, student nights in Manchester will become more and more homogenised.

Student and DJ Gus Nisbet said: “We will just have to see how it works out; warehouse will be draining the student population from now on even more so, whilst reducing the variation of smaller nights about the place.”

Sankeys famously turned down Bieber, apparently

The club, which hit the headlines earlier in the year when it claimed to have turned down pop starlet Justin Bieber, is set to finish with a sold-out marathon day party featuring techno legend Joris Voorn, house heavyweights tINI & Darius Syrossian, and club resident Josef K along with two unreleased acts tbc.