Loughborough student suspended for posting the N-word on uni meme page

The University has launched an investigation

A Loughborough University student has been suspended as a result of a racist post in the meme page, Loughborough Towersposting.

The image posted features a set of Loughborough sports kit, captioned with a message which uses the N-word twice as well as misogynistic language.

It was posted in the group on Tuesday 16th October, but both it and the page have now been deleted.

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The original post

The University has today responded to the incident on Facebook, saying: "Following the posting of a racist and misogynistic message on the student-run 'TowersPosting' group yesterday, the University has begun an investigation into two individuals. One person has been suspended by the Vice-Chancellor for the time being while the investigation progresses.

"We will provide a further update when the investigation has concluded."

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The uni's statement

The Loughborough Tab approached both the University and the student who made the post for comment, but has received no response from either.

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