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White Bournemouth students filmed singing ‘n***a’ at a pre-drinks

They were singing Freaky Friday by Lil Dicky

Several white Bournemouth University students have been caught on camera loudly singing "n***a" repeatedly.

A Snapchat filmed by a member of the group has been leaked on Twitter by a BU student, captioning the video with: "Never thought we would have to go through with this but here it is."

At what appears to be a pre-drinks, five students were filmed loudly singing "n***a" a total of six times to the song Freaky Friday by Chris Brown and Lil Dicky.

In the video to the song, Lil Dicky, who is white, wakes up in Chris Brown's body, in homage to the film Freaky Friday. The lyrics suggest only black people should sing the racist slur.

BU's African and Caribbean Society told The Tab: "As a society we think this is unacceptable and should not be tolerated from Bournemouth University students."

Other individuals from the society added: "I don't like what they did in the video and I don't agree with white people saying n***a but a black man made the song, and it's almost like him giving white people permission to say it.

"These artists aren't doing any favours. You know every white person is going to be singing the song when it plays."

The Tab Bournemouth reached out to two of the students who feature in the video. One of them told The Tab: "I think the whole situation was blown out of proportion. We were going out that evening therefore, we drank a substantial amount at pre drinks and played drinking games etc., so that meant none of us were thinking rationally.

"Obviously Freaky Friday is a well known song, and although the lyrics may seem malicious, I can say that no one in that video had any intent to offend or discriminate against any individual or social group.

"It was very much a drunk mistake that got blown out of proportion so that somebody was able to get a few more likes and retweets on Twitter."

The student added: "There are plenty of artists who can make it into the charts without using the word, but then at the end of the day it is a song and if people feel the lyrics are derogatory or offensive they should just not listen to it."

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