I reviewed (nearly) every cookie available at BomBom, so you don’t have to

Tested and vetted, these are the cookies not to be missed

BomBom cookies have become a staple food group for all Luff students, and it’s not hard to see why. Perfect location for a library lunch break, amazing customer service and divine flavours that shouldn’t go in a cookie, but just work (apple crumble cookie I’m looking at you).  

With so many choices, it’s essential you make an informed decision, before you cave and fall back on your trusted chocolate chip (new flavours are brought out weekly, so it’s easy to be taken by surprise). Let’s take a deeper look… 

Lemon meringue cookie – 8/10


Gooey on the inside but still has a good crunch. Zingy but not overpowering. Sceptical at first but would highly recommend. 

Peanut butter s’more cookie – 7/10

I’m not a fan of peanut butter but would still eat this anyway. The fluffy, warm texture of the marshmallow makes me feel like I’m back sat around a fire at cub camp making smores, and I’m here for that.

Apple crumble cookie – 10/10

Controversial but the best thing I’ve ever tasted. If you’re lucky enough to visit when this available, try it!!!  

Biscoff cookie – 10/10

These biscuits aren’t exclusive to the hairdressers. In fact, you can even get it in spread form, which can ooze out of a cookie. Yum.

Nutella cookie – 9/10

Last, but by no means least, the humble Nutella cookie. This is probably your safest option, as who doesn’t like Nutella!! (If you don’t then click off this article please.) Bonus points for eating it back at the flat, warm with vanilla ice cream.

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