Lough students, here’s how you and your housemates can keep sane in self iso

We get it, isolation is boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

Most of us will have, or will soon have to, isolate for some reason or another. This, of course, can be mind-numbingly boring. Lectures start to feel like a happy, yet oh-so distant, memory, and going to shops becomes nothing more than an aspiration for a future version of yourself.

So, here is our ultimate lockdown bucket list to keep you all entertained in iso:

PowerPoint presentation night

This is a fun yet informative idea. The aim of the night is to put those Microsoft Office skills to use as each house/flat member is to create a three to five minute PowerPoint presentation on a completely quizzical topic of their choice.

Some examples are:

  • Conspiracy theories
  • Why I should [insert action]
  • What crime [insert name] would commit, why and whether they would get away with it
  • Stuff I found on my computer (a risky choice)

The key point is to get creative! If you fancy getting a few drinks involved to the game, a good rule is: Every time the individual presenting says um they must drink as a forfeit.

Come dine with me

We students are known for our top-tier pasta making and Michelin star creations. Why not share these skills with the rest of your house/flatmates? You all know the rules, you all know the scoring, and I hope you take your price money and get some lessons in grace and decorum.

Recreate weird Taskmaster tasks

Recreate the classic TV game show with hilarious and completely ridiculous tasks. Creating the greatest challenges of wit and wisdom to play against your mates. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Holding your hands behind your back at all times. Try to put something on your head. Fastest wins
  • From your flat/window, without opening the window get a passer-by to copy a dance move/action. Fastest wins
  • Build a castle out of any items in your flat/house. The tallest and fastest wins. However, it must remain upright
  • Begin your game with a round introducing the prize for the overall winner. The person who brings the best prize wins. However, it should be themed i.e. the most worthless but useful item
  • I am sure you can all think of ways to make each task into a drinking game, I’ll let you think of that

Host a quiz night

This is a classic, but there’s a reason why all day time TV is made up of quiz shows; that being that everyone loves a quiz! Either one person could be quiz master, or you could each take a round and do it that way. Also, you can get your mates in other households to join in via Zoom, so can be a good way to stay connected too!

Or a film/TV series marathon

Grab a few isolation snacks and get cosy because there is nothing better than a good binge watch. I feel like a lot of students are doing this Covid-regardless, but isolation is just a perfect excuse.

Ps. Why not make it a fun drinking game? I.e. everyone has a designated character and every time they appear in a scene you have to drink

However, don’t forget: it’s okay to not be okay. If you’re struggling with isolation, or anything while at uni, do not hesitate to get in contact with the University helplines.