Here’s all the mental health support available at Loughborough Uni right now

This is everything the University is offering

World Mental Health Day was this weekend. The Loughborough Tab has put together a comprehensive guide to all the services Loughborough University offers for students that need mental health support.

The Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service

The SWAI provide mental health support. If you are in need of help the support team will help book you an appointment who allow you to talk through the support needs you may have and then address them directly or by referral to another service or specialist depending on the individual.

The SWAI treat every student with the same excellent service and deal with everything from depression and eating disorders to racism and discrimination. The mental health support team is available via [email protected] to make an appointment.

Counselling Team

There are counselling services available and wellbeing advisors who can provide one on one support to individuals. The role of the counselling team is for more personal matters and cases where counselling may be required. Each student is assigned their own professionally trained person who they can talk to at any time and will be dedicated to short term counselling.


The University also has a service called ‘Nightline’ which is a highly confidential, listening and information service for students run by volunteers at the University. It includes a Facebook instant messaging service from 8pm to midnight. They are also available at [email protected] during all hours.

Volunteering at Nightline is also a popular activity and a good way to give back after using their services.

Talk to your family and friends

With university life being harder than it every has been before, it is more important than ever to speak to those around you if you are not feeling yourself. Remember that you are not alone and that there are a multitude of services available on campus even if  you just need a chat with someone.

The Uni is there for you

Loughborough University has said they will:

“Help students take practical steps to resolve pressing, immediate problems (e.g. inability to work while studying, admission to hospital at critical times, etc)”

“Provide opportunities for off-loading pressures and act as a sounding-board to reduce problematic tension, anxiety, paranoia, or despondency.”

“Develop creative, individually-tailored strategies for students to use when undertaking their studies.”

The University states that it wants to “promoting positive mental health and well-being”, therefore they are continuously active in helping students with their mental health through providing ongoing and caring support. Loughborough also gives advice on self-help resources as they believe in positive mental health for all no matter how big or small.

All information and contact details for these support teams are also available on the Loughborough University website here

SWAI’s website is here

Nightline’s website is here

Nightline’s No. 01509 227 650