George Myers

Roadmap ‘to regain our freedom’

The Prime Minster has unveiled his roadmap for England to move out of lockdown, we have the details here; back to the SU on the 21st June??

What’s the issue with switching on our cameras?

Why students don’t switch on their MS Teams cameras, and why we should maybe reconsider; and ask students what they think

Some students told not to return to campus

We now have more information about the return to campus, while many students being told not to do so at all

Luff moves to Tier 4, and what’s the plan for campus return?

Matt Hancock has moved Loughborough to Tier 4 this afternoon

These are the worst meals I have ever witnessed being cooked by Lough students

Wait ’til you hear about the “papple”

Loughborough is placed on Tier 1 alert level of new Government system

Government has today announced the new three tier system, and Loughborough is placed on the lowest rung