Stuesday’s are now becoming more expensive due to rise in entry fee

It’s going to be £2.99

Stuesday’s are everyone’s favourite night out. With £1.99 entry and cheap drinks, Tuesday nights in the Union are the place to let your hair down.

However, the cost of entry to Stuesday’s is now set to rise to £2.99. This is just over 50p cheaper than entry to Hey Ewe held on a Wednesday that has the whole three rooms of the Union open and not just Fusion.

The price increase is due to increased running costs in the Union.

Students have it hard enough as it is, especially financially, so this increase in entry is sure to have distaste amongst many.

The new entry fee will be introduced the first Tuesday after the Easter holidays, 2nd May.

Ps: Check the date – Happy April Fools

Loughborough University