Freshers and everyone else: The London Tab is looking for new writers!

Here’s how to get involved in one of the most influential young media in the U.K.

It’s that time of the year again when neither the scorching heatwaves nor the waves of nausea after waking up hungover for your early morning seminars seem too far away.

But here’s some good news: The London Tab is looking for new writers to join our team for the new year.

Whether you’re a clueless fresher, an unconventional finalist with spare time, a passionate opinion-haver, or an incurable Netflix addict knowing basic English grammar – we welcome anyone and everyone to share their ideas on one of the most read and consistent student media in the city.

We really snoop around for everything (Credit: @memesofucl on Instagram)

Who we are and how we work

The London Tab (or The Tab London) is part of The Tab: a national young people-run media covering student and youth culture with seven million monthly readers. We’re noted by big names like The Guardian and The New York Times, and many Tab grads go into journalism at these notable publications.

We’re passionate about telling stories young Londoners care about in a style they want to read – i.e. ditching the academic jargon and suiting young people’s the ever-shortening attention span.

As a writer, you’ll join us in dishing out the latest London trends, making fun quizzes, sharing the hottest takes on current events, covering protests on the ground, and being among the first to break student-related news from as little as Twitter screenshots.

With some of our stories getting 10,000+ reads a week, we’re one of the easiest ways to get your voice heard and start as a student journalist.

Some examples of articles you can write for us include:

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How to apply

You don’t need any experience as a writer to join us – only the fortune (misfortune?) of being a London student and a passion for good stories. Our local editors and journalists from The Tab’s national HQ will get you started and help you with anything you need.

To apply, simply send us a short introduction and a pitch article at [email protected] or via our DMs on social media (InstagramTwitterFacebook). We’ll also be hosting in-person socials in the coming months where we can meet and chat more about what we do, so make sure to stay tuned for those!