These 14 Tweets sum up how we feel about Elite season four

Spoiler alert, the plot is nonexistent

There are certain series that never get old. Even when the cast starts to change and the plot becomes questionable.

Elite is a prime example. Since its release on Netflix, thousands have watched the latest season of their favourite Spanish series.

Here are 14 Tweets that sum up exactly how we feel about it.

1. Mencía is the whole plot

2. The entire season can be summarised in four pictures

3. Chocolate has now taken on a new meaning

4. The students commit murder like it’s nothing

5. And they always get away with it

6. The show low-key peaked two seasons ago

7. Cayetana turns out to be an actually likeable person

8. Everyone gets an absurd amount of action

9. The cast looks oddly familiar

10. Our favourites remain unbeaten

11. Ari is not the one

12. Can Netflix please just give us a happy ending for once?

13. I’ll take that as a no

14. We’re still going to watch season five though

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