BREAKING: LSE moves teaching online for the rest of the year

LSE Director says teaching will go online for the rest of the Academic Year

The London School of Economics has taken the decision to move all compulsory teaching and assessments online until the end of the Academic year 2020-21.

Halls will remain open along with some other parts of campus.

LSE Management plans to review the decision and optimistically introduce voluntary teaching after Week 6.

LSE has made the decision to suspend all face-to-face activity the latest government announcement last night. Teaching will go ahead online along with community activities and assessments, this also includes Summer Term assessments for 2021.

On-campus open facilities will be limited to the Library, study spaces in the centre building and testing centres. All other LSE buildings will be closed until further notice and services that have previously been offered in person will now take place online.

LSE management have said that they will review the decision in more detail on Monday the 22nd of February and from that point they aim to provide voluntary in-person teaching, learning and community-building activities on campus. However, they have said all of this will be contingent upon the spread of the virus in the UK and current restrictions.

LSE have said they made their decision with a heavy heart but it was all done in the hopes of providing stability.