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Aristophanes’ Frogs: nothing short of hilarious

Modern Rave Culture meets the Ancient Theatrical Arts

This year's annual Greek Play was a futuristic take on Aristophanes' Frogs, and the Production Team managed to create a play which was entertaining from start to finish.

The audience was taken on a journey from Suburban London, to the depths of the tube into the cyber-dog like clubland of 'Inferno'. No expense was spared on the setting and it definitely paid off- the whole cast managed to embody topical humour within the Classical themes of Aristophanes.

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Photography: Izzy Skelley

The acting was incredible, the initial chemistry between Xanthias and Dionysus was instant comedy which continued throughout the whole play, being nothing short of hilarious.

The rap battle between Euripides and Aeschylus gave an interesting criticism of the role of technology in the modern age whilst still retaining the invaluable warnings of Aristophanes' original script from over 2000 years ago.

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Photography: Izzy Skelley

The play also surpassed many classical adaptations before it through the beautiful use of the chorus. Their representation of the Bacchants as London's avid rave goers, dressed in neon and portraying intoxicated figures was outstanding. Their odes were also performed with style and flare making them amongst the highlights of the play.

Ellice Hetherington, the play's producer, described the creation of the play as a process which was 'exciting, exhilarating and educational.'.

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Photography: Izzy Skelley

The UCL Greek Play: Frogs is a must see this year, it is one of the best recent adaptations of a Greek Comedy contains the humour and analysis of a London Student with the finesse and a professional theatre company.

Photo Credit: Izzy Skelly