UCL’s BNOC of the Year 2017: The Final Three

You’ve voted for your top three. Now choose your winner


After three heated rounds, we can now reveal the results of your winner from each round.

Competition has been fierce and we’re down to our final three: a student who embraces fancy dress in lectures, someone who has been close to our favourite Gossip Girl star, and an avid K-pop fan. The only thing that stands between these students becoming the ultimate BNOC of 2017 is your vote.

Omar Al-Kamil, First Year, Natural Sciences

Omar is known by almost every first year NatSci. He’s a key member of the RAG society and a frequent face on the stage of Mully’s with a microphone and pint in hand.

Omar has been tricked by the security guards of Mully’s to eat Oreo’s filled with toothpaste inside. Omar surprisingly didn’t realise, and continued to eat the oreos, whilst the security guards watched and laughed.

He competed in LOST this year, where he “volunteered” to complete the challenge of getting a free hair cut, at which point we turned up to a somewhat questionable barber’s. He made the mistake of uttering the words “you have free creative licence”, to which point he came out with a rather “stylish” rat’s tail in the name of charity.

A lecturer thought to brighten students’ day with a little light humour, and stated that all students who wished to collect a handout in our next lecture had to dress up as pirates and shout ‘argh’. Despite Omar already having a handout he saw this as a perfect opportunity! Being the sleep deprived soul he is, he stayed up til 3 in the morning making a epic DIY pirate costume with the debris in his room and flat. Next morning he walked into the lecture in ultimate pirate style only to be greeted with awe and laughter! Superhero Omar had considered his job done to cheer up everyone before the dullest lecture of the day!

Securing his Round One victory by just over five per cent more votes than runner-up Ema Burns, Omar is facing even fiercer competition in this final.

Finty Clowry, Third Year, Spanish and Management

Finty is known for her legendary nights out and fun loving attitude. Her claim to fame: she made out with Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl) in Cirque.

Round Three showed the toughest competition: Finty managed to clinch the second round win with just over one per cent more votes than her closest competitor Jacopo Blumberg. She also gained the most votes out of anyone in the first round with just over 43 per cent.

Hyerin Park, Third Year, Law

HP is the Queen of Law: She’s Vice-President of the UCL Law Society and has bagged a hotshot graduate job with a prestigious law firm! Whether she’s busting out moves at Loop, on her knees chugging beer bongs, or pulling an all-nighter in the library, wherever HP goes, all eyes are on her.

True to her Korean roots, HP is an avid K-Pop fan and close friend of Psy. She can be found in the Gangnam Style music video wielding a tennis racket (at 0:56). However, she is too humble to flaunt her celebrity status around UCL. Now is the time for her to gain the stardom she deserves!

She breezed the first round with nearly half the votes, can she do the same this time around?

Cast your vote now and decide who really is UCL’s BNOC of 2017: