40 per cent of London students are planning to vote Labour in the upcoming election

26 per cent are voting Conservative

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London students who participated in The Tab’s snap election poll have shown a wide spread of voting, with Labour taking the biggest share of the vote with 40.5 per cent, followed by Conservatives with 26 per cent and Liberal Democrats with 22 per cent.

The survey was completed by almost 200 people, providing a snap-shot of how UCL students might vote on June 8th, who were asked which party they are planning to vote for and their reasons for doing so.

Almost 50 per cent of voters said they would vote based on party policies, nearly 20 per cent said they would vote according to party allegiance and nearly 25 per cent said they felt there was no better option.

Almost two thirds of Labour voters made their decision based on party policies, and close to 20 percent due to supporting the party. Only three per cent picked Labour because of liking Jeremy Corbyn.

Conservative voters were more evenly spread with their reasons for voting. Both policies and lack of a better option were cited by around a third of voters. Interestingly, only Conservative voters admitted to voting due to their parents’ voting habits.

While almost 50 per cent of Liberal Democrat voters in favour of party policies, equal numbers at 25 per cent named supporting the party and lack of a better option as their reason.